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Carlton Church's formula for success from 1986 remains unchanged today: get to know our customers as well as we know the market, and provide them with the resources and expertise they need to make educated investment decisions.

We are dedicated to providing quality and personalized investment products and services to help investors succeed. We wish to establish a successful partnership with our customers, our independent financial representatives, and our staff members that respect and keep the interests of each party. Success will be measured by our customers choosing us because of their belief in our ability to meet or exceed their expectations of performance, service, and expertise.

Carlton Church also provides $20 million protection per client through supplementary coverage by a London Insurer and has an aggregate total coverage in excess of $500 million. This coverage protects against brokerage insolvency but does not protect against loss in market value of securities.

Our robust online platform serves individual and corporate investors around the world, while we continue to offer the personal, one on one attention and service our clients expect and deserve.

Our goal is to exceed the expectations of our clients, while holding true to our values of honesty, integrity, trust and respect. We provide customized financial solutions for virtually any need. A complete range of investment banking and brokerage services are available to our valued corporate and individual clients.

Our Core Values

We believe that our Core Values are a key part of our success. They set the standards by which individual and team performance is measured and rewarded. They are embedded in the way we operate and in the value we create for our clients and the communities where we live and work.

INTEGRITY: We do what is right in all things.

We are open, honest, consistent and committed to the highest ethical standards and fair treatment in all our business practices. Our employees adhere to the letter and the spirit of the law. We treat our clients, our partners and one another with respect. Every employee has a role in protecting our reputation.

COMMITMENT: We will honor our legacy.

We are dedicated to ensuring the best outcome for our clients, our employees, our partners, our stakeholders and our company. This means outstanding value and service to clients - with ongoing evaluations of our performance. It means genuine concern for and responsiveness to, our employees and their families.

ACCOUNTABILITY: We meet our commitments.

If one of us fails, we all fail. We accept our individual and corporate responsibilities. We take responsibility for our performance in all of our decisions and actions - as individuals and as an organization.

CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY: We have a duty to give back.

Accordingly, we are committed to improving the quality of life in the communities where we live and work. Individually and together we support initiatives that educate, enrich and heal. We serve our community with the same commitment we show our clients. We make financial contributions, and we give our time and energy, to keep our region a place where businesses and families flourish.

INNOVATION: We will find ways to do what we already do - better.

Through the lens of innovation, we will create real value by continuously developing new client solutions and providing tools to integrate our services into our clients' business plans and portfolios. Independence and profitability allow for reinvestment in our associates and cutting edge products and services.

What We Do

Financial Planning the Way it should be

Why choose Carlton Church? Quite simply, we are the opposite of a typical Wall Street financial advisory firm experience. That means we'll deliver more of the personalized service you deserve. Our financial advisors will take the time to listen to your goals, then develop customized strategies for your specific needs, accessing a myriad of investment resources available.

Individuals and families accumulate and disperse assets over their lifetimes. This involves taxes, investment decisions and lifestyle considerations. We at Carlton Church help people create a financial plan that balances all these elements, while placing special emphasis on maintaining current lifestyle and working towards lifetime goals. Financial Planning is an ongoing process, not a one-time event. The financial products you use to implement your plan should be selected carefully and continuously monitored.

We at Carlton Church strive to keep abreast of the latest industry trends and standards, educate ourselves regarding ever-changing laws and regulations and continually familiarize ourselves with new investment options and products. Our advisors are registered to handle the investment products you will need and we take great pride in providing efficient, courteous and knowledgeable service to our clients.

Financial advisors at Carlton Church are focused on serving individual and institutional clients by practicing time-tested principles, yet are constantly adapting to present and future challenges. By establishing client relationships based on honesty and ethics, we create trust and financial peace of mind for people during all stages of their lives. This dedication to a "client first" approach has allowed us to build a strong reputation for personalized service, performance and results.

Financial Strength & Security

When trusting a financial investment firm with your investments, you need to be sure that the company you are partnering with has a history of financial stability and success. At Carlton Church, that is what we offer you. Backed by many years of success, you can depend on our advisors and our company to do things the right way when it comes to your financial assets.

Investment Banking Solutions

Our Corporate Finance team delivers sophisticated investment banking, corporate finance and strategic advisory services for emerging growth companies in the consumer, energy, healthcare, industrial and technology sectors. Our professional staff includes individuals with extensive and diverse backgrounds in public and private securities offerings, mergers & acquisitions, advisory services, appraisals and valuation analysis.

Aspiring companies - both public and private - require timely advice on a wide range of financial issues arising from the growth and development of the business. In a fast-changing economy, company directors and shareholders often need to rely on trusted support and advice. Our mission is to offer creative solutions and strategic advice to our clients in the pursuit of new opportunities and value creation. We aim to offer services that provide practical and lasting solutions.

Mergers & Acquisitions

With the challenges of competing in the rapidly changing economy, many business owners and executives are considering their strategic alternatives, including acquiring or merging to expand their service offerings, identifying a financial partner or divesting their business. We are ideally positioned to assist companies in executing on these strategic alternatives.

Mergers, acquisitions, leverage buyouts and divestitures represent opportunities for businesses to accelerate growth or to liquidate investments. These are complex transactions and our Corporate Finance team has the experience to guide companies through the process. We can facilitate all aspects of a transaction for both buyers and sellers, including:

Market research and analysis

Prospect cultivation and recruitment


Due diligence

Deal structure

Transaction management


Key Strengths

Investing has been our core business for more than 25 years. Carlton Church has grown through many, varied cycles to become a prominent specialized asset manager. Our global presence is complemented by local specialized investment centres and service teams in Europe, the United States, the Middle East and Asia.

Dedicated asset management

Asset management is, and always has been our core business. As an active investment manager we use a disciplined approach and operate within a solid risk management framework. Carlton Church is committed to innovation, building on our heritage as a pioneer in fund investing throughout the globe to launch new strategies and products.

Research-driven investing

To innovate the way we invest, Carlton Church strongly believes that a scientific research-driven approach is required. Therefore, we have established important ties to the academic world, for instance by stimulating our investment professionals to be part-time faculty members as well. An example of innovation through academic research concerns our various quantitative strategies, such as low volatility investing.

Different angle, different approach

Independent thinking has been central to Carlton Church's success over the past 25 years. As Investment Engineers, we believe in looking at things from a different angle. We translate our vision of future global and economic trends into relevant insights and better solutions for our clients.

Excellent service

We are pleased to note that our clients recognize us for providing top service levels.

Expat guide to offshore investment

Why Invest Offshore

Benefits of offshore investment for expats
The key driver of popularity for offshore investment is that many expatriates want to avoid the situation where they have 'bits and bobs' of investments scattered around the world. They lose track of what is invested where and are, often, presented with logistical issues when attempting to gain access to, or manage, the investment after they leave that particular place. Offshore investing irradiates these irritations.

Furthermore, the tax efficiency of the international investment centres is often seen as an 'added bonus' for those individuals who make use of these investment areas.

First, let's look at what the term 'offshore' does not mean. It does not mean investing in a small, shady, semi-legal island state somewhere where the rules are informal, at best, and they could be here one day, gone the next. Far from it. Today's offshore centres represent the very best in international wealth management:

High levels of statutory consumer protection.

Investments are completely geographically portable and manageable irrespective of where you move to or from - they follow you.

Often offer a much wider range of investment funds and different investment choice.

Examples of these premier investment centres include the Isle of Man and Channel Islands, or EU Member States such as the Republic of Ireland, Luxembourg and Cyprus. All of these jurisdictions benefit from stable governments, strong regulatory controls and measures to protect investors.

Wealth Management
When somebody decides to make use of an international investment centre for their financial needs it is to get capital, which they already have, working harder for them and thus generating a return. Or, it is about redirecting a proportion of their income, every month, to work towards building a fund of money for the future to address future financial demands such as retirement or child university costs.

With inflation running at 3 percent plus and banks only returning 1 percent, it is imperative that you have your money working as effectively for you as possible. Otherwise, you are in effect losing money each year.

Many offshore jurisdictions offer the complimentary benefit of secrecy legislation. These countries have enacted laws establishing strict corporate and banking confidentiality. If this confidentiality is breached, there are serious consequences for the offending party. An example of a breach of banking confidentiality is divulging customer identities; disclosing shareholders is a breach of corporate confidentiality in some jurisdictions. However, this secrecy doesn't mean that offshore investors are criminals with something to hide.

Tax advantages to offshore investing
With offshore investing the tax advantages are more about tax control rather than tax avoidance. What this means is that because your investments are based in a tax-neutral investment area, you are normally able to decide where and when you pay tax on your investments. For instance, imagine that you have been paying EUR 500 a month into an offshore retirement investment plan for 20 years.

Now in year 19 of the plan, you are looking forward to gaining access to your 'nest egg' and putting your feet up during your retirement. You are now resident in Ireland and have accumulated some gain payable on your retirement investment plan. So, what can we do to limit our tax liability? Well, what you can do is establish your tax residence elsewhere and in that place cash in the investment. For example, you decide that you will take a consultant's job in Holland for a few years, just to 'top up your final retirement fund', and thus not put your feet up just yet... As the Netherlands does not impose Capital Gains Taxes on investments, you could cash in your investment while you were resident there and upon returning to Ireland, would have availed yourself of any Irish tax liability.

In short, offshore investments offer a highly appropriate solution to the transient expatriate who wishes to invest and make financial plans, for his or her future, without the inconvenience and disruption of needing to re-establish a fresh plan every time they should move jurisdiction. The offshore plan will move with you.

Estate Planning

Can a Living Trust Replace Your Will?

Many people are hearing more about using a revocable living trust in place of a will. While it is true that a properly managed revocable living trust provides unique benefits, it does not completely replace a will. In determining whether this type of trust is right for you, it helps to understand the major purpose, benefits, and tradeoffs of this estate planning tool.

A revocable living trust is created during your lifetime, and you can alter it in any way and at any time. One of its key features is that it allows you to retain control of the management and distribution of your assets.

The Probate Issue

Many people establish a revocable living trust to avoid probate, which is the legal process of settling your estate. Assets distributed from a trust upon your death do avoid probate. However, the probate process itself is not as burdensome for many estates as in the past.

But, even with improvements in the probate process, the probated assets in your estate still become a matter of public record, which raises important privacy concerns. Avoiding probate may also make sense if you own properties outside your country of domicile, which means your estate would be subject to multiple probate proceedings.

Once you set up a trust, you must transfer assets into it. Failing to do so will subject your assets to probate. Simply signing a trust document without retitling assets renders your living trust useless.

If I "Fund" a Trust, Do I Still Need a Will?

The short answer is yes. Generally, a revocable living trust cannot entirely replace the need for a will. There are some assets you may not wish to place in a trust. For example, it may be impractical to transfer tangible personal property such as automobiles, furniture, and jewelry to a trust. Consequently, some of your assets will remain outside your trust, making a will necessary to specify your intended beneficiaries. If you have minor children, a will may also be used to designate a guardian for them.

Also, some assets may require special considerations. For example, retirement plan accounts (Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAS), profit-sharing plans, and Keoghs, to name a few) cannot be retitled to a living trust, although you could change the beneficiary designation to the trust. However, naming someone other than a spouse as beneficiary of a qualified retirement plan may require spousal consent, since in many nations a spouse does have the right to retirement plan benefits. In addition, naming your trust, rather than your spouse, as the beneficiary of your qualified plan may have income tax consequences when you die.

Advanced Issues

Revocable living trusts are complex legal documents. In addition to the advantages mentioned, they offer other benefits, as well. For instance, under the right circumstances, a properly funded living trust can help reduce estate taxes.

The bottom line is that qualified legal expertise is a must to help ensure proper planning. Your legal professional can help you examine all variables affecting your property-the type of assets (e.g., real estate, life insurance, banks accounts, savings, business interests, and personal property), where they are located, and how they titled and determine if a revocable living trust can benefit your short-and long-term estate planning goals.

"Estate Planning and Importance of Drafting a Will"

Often, the prospect of writing a will brings up feeling of discomfort. Devising a will is one of the most important factors in estate planning, one that should promote feelings of security. Doing so means that heirs will be provided for and your distribution wishes will be met. Like many people, have you postponed the task of writing a will? Or, is it time to review a will drafted years ago? A will is a formal, legal document instructing your survivors in the settlement of your estate. A qualified, experienced, legal professional can help ensure your will is properly written and contributes to the overall success of your estate plan.

Composing a will helps to ensure that you control how your estate is divided. Rules govern how your estate will be divided and by whom. Some people may believe their estate is too minor to need a will, but even if you believe this is the case, you should consider writing one anyway. The reason is simple: If you die without a will, you automatically forfeit the chance to direct the dealings of your estate. In addition to facilitating bequests, a will is an opportunity for you to designate your own executor, guardians for minor children and other fiduciaries.

If you have decided that you would like your estate to pass to personal friends or charity, a will is the primary means of fulfilling these wishes. Without a will the courts will have no way of knowing your preferences and will seek relatives however distant for distribution purposes. For those who have a life partner or not married, wills are a means of helping to ensure that these loved ones will be included. In addition a will offers the opportunity to designate a secondary beneficiary in the event of the primary beneficiary's death.

Even those who have shifted the majority of their assets into trusts or who use joint ownership should draw up a will. While these methods are designed to bypass probate (the judicial process that establishes the validity of a will), they are not able to cover all assets. A will, however, does have the potential to cover all assets, leaving no property unaccounted for and no stone unturned.

Wills are a means of providing security to you and your loved ones. The topic may be emotionally challenging, but when the many advantages are considered, they far outweigh temporary discomfort. Careful estate planning is the best way to identify how your assets will be divided, who is to be named executor and who will receive benefits according to your wishes. Consult a legal professional for specific guidance.

"Estate Planning and your Family Buisness"

Liquidating the family business in order to pay estate taxes is often an unpleasant reality for families of individuals who die without wills or estate plans. If you own a family business, you should consider taking steps now to help assure one of your most valuable assets will still be around for your children, grandchildren, and beyond.

The Plain Facts

The terms "family business" or "small business" can be misleading, especially when you consider the impact these businesses have on the global economy.

It is natural to assume that many business owners would like to keep this kind of influence in the family. However, in reality, the situation is much different-only a fraction of business owners who want their family business to remain in the family take active steps to devise a formal succession plan.

Why is it that only a small number of business owners act on their intentions? Simply put, business continuation is often a difficult subject for family business owners to confront. In many cases, succession is often avoided, rather than planned. It is often a taboo topic.

Business owners may be reluctant to hand over a business they spent much of their lives building. They may be forced to confront and resolve sibling rivalry and other unpleasant family disagreements. Sometimes, an owner will have greater difficulty grooming a family member for succession because of the overlap of family and business boundaries. Additionally, if the owners plan to rely on the family business for retirement income, they may worry about the success of the business under new owners.

Survival Planning for Your Company

However, the costs of not planning for the continuation of family businesses may be enormous. Often, companies without formal succession plans are courting disaster.

How can you make sure that your business will survive for successive generations? A sound solution is to establish an estate plan. Simply put, you need to do the following:

Develop a formal management succession strategy that will help ensure your business stays in the family after your death.

Equalize your estate so that if you have children, you can make alternative bequests to those who do not want to be involved with the family business. At the same time, you can leave the business to the children who do wish to be active in the business. Guarantee that the business continues in an orderly manner after your death. Create a buy-sell agreement for family and nonfamily members who may own stock in your business.

As you can see, ensuring that your business lives on is a complicated issue that engenders many concerns. Care must be taken to ensure that all issues will receive open and honest discussion. With the right estate planning team and the right succession plan in place, you may be able to beat the odds to maintain your company's success and ensure your family's ownership for future generations.

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